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Movers Carrying Packages

Packing - Moving Services

With years of experience behind them, our employees have become experts in relocation. Whether it is equipment or computer systems or furniture or valuable paintings, our people know how to take care of them. We have suitable packing material for each item. While disruptions to family routines are inevitable, we do our best to see that the discomfort it causes is minimized. At the destination, customers can use our unpacking services. The client can avoid stress, especially when large objects are involved. And disposal of used packing materials in urban environments can pose problems. Our packing and moving services have taken the pain out of relocation for countless customers. Many businesses who have used our services still remain happy customers.

Car & Bike Transportation

We Accurate Packers & Movers is one of the best Car Carrier Service Provider in India. Our car transport services have been used satisfactorily by corporate and home clients. We deliver the vehicle at the customer specified location/address ensuring complete safety and timely delivery. Adequate paperwork is done before transportation and we are well equipped to deal with all kinds of adverse situations related to safety, damage etc. Our car carrier team ensures that vehicles are moved safely and reliably. We assure that no loading and reloading is done at large integration centers, thus minimizing the risk of damage.


Loading and unloading of goods is always a risky job. Mad-handling of goods can result in the loss of your most valuable items, so people feel comfortable hiring a moving company to do the desired work. Being a leader in the industry, we have been able to deliver the goods in their present condition to the new location. We are providing loading and unloading services to our clients
We provide a well-organized and orderly loading and unloading services adhering to all the required service standards. Our trained personnel pack, load and organize the goods with utmost care and attention and when it reaches the desired destination, the staff unloads and unpacks the goods appropriately as per the instructions. Loading and unloading is done in a professional manner to prevent last minute damages.

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