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Moving Tips

Incredible Moving Tips To Make Your Removal Stress-free

Most people are afraid to move. Packing, setting up, moving, trying to pay your friends for help—the whole process can seem intimidating, but if you use these tips and tricks, the day running can be stress-free. Happy Packing!

Basic Packing Check list
  1. To start packing receive the cartons and create an area list file folder detailing the contents of each carton.

  2. Start by putting extra items like old clothes, books, pictures etc in a carton first. Do not fill the box full as it may split and possibly destroy your cargo.


  3. If possible, pack family member's items in replaceable cartons. It will help each person to find their things easily whether they need it before or after moving.


  4. Sticker and amount the cartons on all sides with the apartment name where they will go. You can use colored pens, stickers, etc. to separate them from one another. If you wish, you can puzzle the names with easy to remember short form.

  5. Comment on the topics in the carton on the sides of the carton as well. You can have cartons of shoes, apparel, books, utensils, masterpieces, pictures and more.

  • Quantify the compartments for each room in such a way that when you arrive all the luggage compartments for the living room are placed there and not in the kitchen.


  • Make a list of overnight items that each member of the family will need. Keep a basket or carton for packing these on the last day.

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